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LifeLoveLaw Rainbow Holding HandsThere are two things we’ve learned from same sex marriage that support a person’s right to engage in plural relationships, or polyamory.  First, that the consenting sexual behavior an adult in the privacy of his or her bedroom does not affect that person’s ability to be a fit parent.  Second, that every person deserves to be allowed to choose his or her family.

At LifeLoveLaw we work with unique families on legal matters relating specifically to family law, including divorce, agreements, parentage and child custody.

Polyamory Marriage & Partnerships in Atlanta

LifeLoveLaw provides a full spectrum of marriage-related legal services for poly-amorous partnerships, including pre and post-nuptial agreements and dispute resolution. We also work with families who prefer a domestic partnership by developing agreements that seek to protect both financial and personal interests.

Polyamory Adoption & Parentage in Atlanta

Atlanta laws for adoption and parentage can be confusing, especially for same-sex and non-traditional families. LifeLoveLaw helps polyamorus couples understand their rights and takes action in cases involving adoption, reproductive options and other parentage legal matters.

Polyamory Child Custody in Atlanta

While it is never easy to face child custody dilemmas, it is a reality that some relationships come to an end, and agreements must be reached pertaining to custody of children.

Our family law attorneys have in-depth knowledge of Atlanta child custody laws, as well as experience in bringing resolution to these important issues. Parenting agreements created during the relationship are especially important for non-traditional families, as they lay out the partner’s parental intent with permanent parent-child relationships. Judges often rely on these documents to guide decisions in custody matters that may later arise.

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