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Suzy Life Kink Friendly AttorneyIn the still conservative south, anybody practicing BDSM or indulging in fetish practices outside the mainstream can quickly find himself or herself the subject of a modern day witch hunt, especially where children are involved. Modern psychiatry is finally catching up, but Georgia family law attorneys often personally share the outraged mentality of the “vanilla” ex partner, or even the manufactured outrage of a formerly enthusiastic practitioner partner turned calculating legal opponent seeking custody at all costs.

It’s particularly critical in any case touching on family law issues that a person be able to speak openly and honestly about the realities of their lifestyle to their attorney. That’s not possible where the attorney believes BDSM and other kink practices are “perverted” and “sick.”

I’m familiar with the recent DSM changes on BDSM providing that consenting adults need not be classified mentally ill for choosing sexual behavior outside of the mainstream.  I know how to argue these issues in Court in the context of custody issues or criminal charges. Being personally and intimately familiar with the subject, I’m in a position to make these arguments with conviction.  I welcome the opportunity to champion cases where people’s personal sexual practices are being used against them.

If you want to know more, check out this article.

Member of NCSF and listed in their Kink-Aware Professionals Directory


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