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Suzy Life is a graduate of Emory Law School and an attorney with over 23 years of experience helping people solve their family law problems with integrity and sound legal advice.


Live long and prosper.

“I believe that by working with a lawyer who takes a holistic approach, viewing your family law legal issues in the context of the rest of your life priorities, the law can facilitate positive relationships and opportunities for happiness.”

“My personal and professional experience have convinced me that the collaborative divorce model is almost always in everyone’s best interest. I’m encouraging parties to take advantage of the ability to find creative solutions for divorce agreements that allow everyone to heal and move on without spending a fortune or getting bogged down in litigation for months and years. I also want to support couples with pro-relationship pre-marital agreements and marriage alternatives for families not recognized by Georgia Law.”

“If you have questions or concerns about family law, i’m here to help. Please contact me to set up a time to talk so we can review your case and I can start helping you.”

Suzy Life

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